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Seto Masato


Seto Masato[binran]
Seto Masato[binran]
Seto Masato[binran]
Seto Masato[binran]

Seto Masato

1953: Born in Udon Thani, Thailand
1961: Moved to Fukushima prefecture, Japan
1975: Graduated from Tokyo Photography School (now Tokyo Visual Arts), Tokyo, Japan
1981: Began working as a free-lance photographer and opened office
1987: Opened the gallery for photography "Place M", Tokyo, Japan
Living in Tokyo, Japan

1990: Japan Professional Photographers Society Prize; New Photographer (Japan Professional Photographers Society), Tokyo, Japan
1995: The 11th Higashikawa Prize; New Photographer (Higashikawa International Photo Festival), Hokkaido, Japan
1996: The 8th Shashin no Kai Prize (Shashin no Kai), Tokyo, Japan
1996: The 21st KIMURA Ihee Memorial Photography Award (Asahi Shimbun), Tokyo, Japan
1999: The 12th Arts and Sciences Prize (Shincho-sha), Tokyo, Japan

Published Books
1989: Bangkok, Hanoi; 1982-1987, I.P.C., Tokyo, Japan
1996: Living Room, Shincho-sha, Tokyo, Japan
1996: Silent Mode, Mole, Tokyo, Japan
1998: Tooi / Masato, Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
2005: picnic, Place M, Tokyo, Japan

URL : http://www.setos.jp/

Mini gallery

Syu-co Hamaura

Shadow tail

Syu-co Hamaura[Shadow tail]

Syu-co Hamaura

1968 born in Shimane.

Solo Exhibition

Mar,2007 "Maboroshi no Machi" [Place M]
Next exhibition will be held on Feb. 2009 at KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA.

2007 "200 Photographers portfolio" (Graphic)

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