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Martina Shenal 


Martina Shenal [一期一会]

Martina Shenal is an Associate Professor of Photography at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona, and is currently living in Fujisawa.
Her photographs reflect a personal impression of the landscape made on various islands throughout Japan during her trips beginning in 2009 and include new work from her current one-year sabbatical stay in Japan.
Featured in this exhibition is a new series of images made at the annual yamayaki event at Mt. Omurosan in the Izu Peninsula.

ミニギャラリー Mini Gallery

瀬戸正人 Masato Seto

Silent Mode/ビンテージプリント展

瀬戸正人 Masato Seto [Silent Mode/ビンテージプリント展]

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