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2024.04.22 - 2024.04.28
磯和璉子 「石が語る」/Renko Isowa “Stone Talks”





Once at a particular travel destination, a local resident directed me to what he said was an interesting beach with unique stones. Heading towards that beach marked the beginning of my encounter with stones.

Battered and smoothed by the rough waves of the Hyuga-nada Sea, the stones immediately captivated me with their myriad colors and shapes. The day quickly turned into night as I faced these stones and engaged them in conversation while taking their photographs. I bid them farewell with a promise to return.

Six months later, I descended upon the beach filled with eager anticipation for our reunion only to find a completely different scene. Most of the stones I had interacted with before had vanished, replaced by unfamiliar ones strewn across the shore. I was told it was the aftermath of a powerful typhoon. I was left wondering where had the stones gone? Where had these unfamiliar stones come from? And, more fundamentally, how are stones formed?

Seven years have passed since then and I've come to understand that stones are Earth’s original storytellers.

磯和璉子 「石が語る」/Renko Isowa “Stone Talks”「

磯和璉子 「石が語る」/Renko Isowa “Stone Talks”「

磯和璉子 「石が語る」/Renko Isowa “Stone Talks”「